Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is our new weekend rental program?
A.New in 2024, we offer weekend rentals! The same great price for even more fun. For the same price we charge a day, we provide you your rental for the ENTIRE weekend. A "weekend" consists of having your rental delivered no later than 11:00AM on Saturday and will not be picked up until Sunday at 5:00PM or later. You pay the same price for a whole second day of fun! And yes - that is 30+ hours for the SAME price as our max 6 hour rental. To book your weekend rental, simply choose your desired item and answer "yes" to the weekend rental question that will populate during your booking process. Now, bounce out of here and go book your weekend rental!
Q.What is the VE Membership Program?
A.Well, thank you for asking! It is our effort to reward the commitment many of our customers make to us each and every year. There are a number of benefits including a guaranteed 25% discount applied to all orders placed through our system. Learn more about our membership program by selecting the "Programs & Membership" option in our menu.
Q.What makes Vertical Entertainment different than other companies?
A.Great question! There is a lot of competition out there. Let's keep it simple. First, we are family owned and operated. Second, we offer weekend rentals - a competitive price for 30+ hours of fun! Third, we deliver and set up ALL of our items, from inflatables to tents, tables and chairs. We don't charge for a dime more than what you see when you book online. Fourth, we have worked with HUNDREDS of towns, organizations, police/fire departments, schools and private partners since 2006 - so yes, we are reputable and you can count on us to deliver (literally). Oh yeah, one last note to mention, we are the Lakes Region's one stop shop event service provider.
Q.What is included in every price?
A.For residential events specifically, we most often will drop off and pick up the items as long as your rental is paid in full and contract is signed. In addition to the posted price, you will be charged a delivery fee. Any event that requires staff would be billed to you through an individualized invoice. For New Hampshire rentals, food would be taxed. With our rock climbing walls, bungee units, and foam cannons, staff is on site at all times with no exceptions. If you are booking through our system, our staff will not be there for your event time, but ensure you are set up and pick everything up in a timely manner.
Q.Do you offer discounts or sales?
A.Yes! We offer a VE Bucks Loyalty Program that you can check out on our Programs & Membership page. You earn points with every rental so your next rental is even more affordable. We do routinely run promotions as well. Lastly, for the most amount of savings including 25% every rental, consider joining our membership program.
Q.What do I need to book an event?
A.We require a 50% deposit to save the date for you. This will reserve those items only for you and not allow others to book.
Q.How do I know what will fit in the space for my event?
A.For all of our larger sized services, such as inflatables or rock climbing walls, we have listed the dimensions for the specific service on our website. Specific for our rock climbing walls, we do need a space to back a trailer in and must be on relatively level ground. All you have to do is let us know where your event will be held, and we are happy to work with you to find a specific site at your event for any of our services!
Q.What if weather gets in the way of my event?
A.This differs for residential vs. towns/communities. Be sure to review your contract closely. For those booking through our system, if your event is cancelled due to weather, we will work with you to find another date that works for you based on when our services are still available. We will make sure your event goes off without a hitch! In most cases, we can still operate our services in the rain, but pending strong winds, thunder or lightning, are a few examples of weather restrictions that may prevent us from servicing your event.
Q.I'm not sure what I do and do not want at my event. What should I do?
A.That is totally fine! We are happy to work with you to identify the specific services you would like at your event. We can provide you free quotes with what you are looking for. We do our best to accommodate the services you are interested. It is best to give us a call and we can chat through it together.
Q.I'm concerned about the safety of the services. What's your advice?
A.Great question! Safety is our top priority. We are a fully insured and inspected entertainment business. With experience serving hundreds of events in New England since 2006, from fairs, to community and town events, private functions, we can guarantee we set you up for a fully successful and safe event for you and your guests. If you have concerns or questions, just ask!
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: 603-491-1598

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