The Visit Experience


Hear Your Visions,
Exceed Your Expectations

At Vertical Entertainment we emphasize the visit experience for our customers. We not only work to satisfy their visions, we strive to exceed their expectations through the many services we offer, all while not breaking the bank.

As for many businesses, we had to adapt to the ever changing climate as a result of the pandemic. Throughout 2021, we built our inventory. As part of our visit experience, we wanted our customers to have access to contacting one company, one person, to take the stress out of event planning.

For private rentals, we will have the equipment dropped off and picked up prior to, and after your event commences. For public events, staffing will vary based on the equipment being brought to the event. Some services, such as our casino nights, photo booth, and mobile rock climbing walls have staff that will be on site regardless of the event location or type-to ensure a smooth event. We will work with you in advance to address the details. The Vertical Entertainment staff are fully trained, experienced, and prepared to serve you the best event each time we visit.

If you have any questions about the visit experience, please reach out to us through phone, email, or social media. We would love to chat, hear your vision, and exceed your expectations.


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